Fort Lauderdale Office Space

Searching for the best Fort Lauderdale office space is truly a challenge and you may not really appreciate this until you begin the search yourself. Your office must have enough space to serve your business with a convenient, safe location. It must also offer convenient transportation for yourself and your employees along with that quiet environment that’s essential for getting work done.

The perfect office gives you the comfort to work here daily while also appearing professional enough to make visiting clients comfortable. No matter what your needs, whether you’re setting up a regional office or launching your new business, you’ll find Sheridan Professional can help your business grow.

Why Should I Rent?

If you’re wondering why you should rent an office space in Fort Lauderdale rather than buying, consider the advantages. With a leased space, you have little if any responsibility for maintenance and upkeep. A lease also gives you the freedom to change locations or move to a new facility if you find your business needs or client base changes.

Tips for Finding Ideal Office Space

If you don’t know what to look for, choosing the right office space to rent can seem overwhelming. To help you make your decision, review these key factors as you compare spaces.

  • Size. Think about how much size your business realistically needs, as well as storage space. If possible, plan how the furniture and office supplies will fit into the space and imagine using it efficiently.
  • Parking. Does the office building offer enough storage for clients and employees? Surprisingly, this is a factor that’s commonly overlooked until it’s too late.
  • Terms. Review the lease terms and look for space that has flexible terms to match your needs.
  • Class.How nice is the space? Sheridan Professional offers a variety of Class A, B and C office spaces to rent.
  • Location. This is one of the most important factors to consider. The location should be convenient for everyone, close to transportation and amenities and close to your customer base whenever possible.

The Sheridan Professional Advantage

Our quality Fort Lauderdale office space is perfectly situated to help you succeed and grow your customer base. With a prominent location, plenty of parking and a range of solutions, we’re confident you will find the ideal office space to rent with us.

We invite you to visit the building in person to view spaces available for rent now. Did you know office lease costs are one of the biggest expenses of any business? Take the time to see the space for yourself in person to see how the Sheridan Professional advantage will work for your business.